NBA sex scandals never stop

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NBA sex scandals never stop

Beitrag  xyykimmy am Sa Okt 08, 2011 11:27 am

Yesterday, former rockets star, had fought side by side all-star guard Steve Francis and Yao were United States famous gossip site TMZ burst out of sexual abuse, the event is over a year-long, as the Tribunal has yet to accuse, the victim was considered together with the local prosecution of procuratorial organs, thus also made Francis and child sexual abuse cases to be exposed.

This event occurred in May last year, a 20-year-old girl who was called Symeon, Francis record company under contract. In an interview, Symeon said on signing day, Francis had her sexual assault. At that time, Symeon and Francis are discussing the questions about the contract details. At this time, Francis moved with wicked idea, he talks to Symeon, the talons through Symeon clothes, reaching between her legs. This disrespectful act naturally aroused the extreme dislike of Symeon, her loud cry down Francis, after which her friends rushed in, did not end this farce.

People feel the hype is suspected of Symeon paper documents will a year before Frances sue in court but police records show, one years later, cases still not heard. If conclusive, Francis cannot go unpunished. Plus, if the irrefutable evidence of sexual assault, severe, Symeon why don't put pressure on the police earlier, to their fight for Justice, and have to wait until a year after, the case of investigation will also have a great difficulty. Plus, Symeon in a year later, was considering a local procuratorial organs also to court, and this will undoubtedly be expanded, and her chances of winning are unlikely. The most crucial is that the matter was disclosed, Francis, his record company and his management team, have not made any comments, so silence is surprising.

Although Francis was accused of sexual abuse, but we don't know what is. Is probably Symeon to hype, directed a play, and Francis became only poor use of tools. Of course, we would not exclude the River Francis unspoken rules check the study of possibilities of singers. If Francis since this matter, on the back in jail, it is worth.

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