James mother repeatedly in trouble

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James mother repeatedly in trouble

Beitrag  xyykimmy am Sa Okt 08, 2011 11:28 am

Recently, the NBA star James geluoliya was the mother of media "involved", "drunken attack car park attendants were arrested" scandal, making the NBA headed star feel why. Meant to be a mother teaches son "how a man", and now, James but often receive prison visits, fishing for one problem, "wrongful" does "er"?

Looking at the sports arena, the star behind the "children from the preceding marriage" there are so many. A little hellion have NBA star James's mother, the killer has billiards superstar o ' Sullivan's father that drug trafficking is premiership football stars Terry Daddy sth It turns out that there are so many troubles to burn star road.

Representative: NBA star James

Speaking of James, in addition to eight surface a peg or two, move ahead of his presence and performance, there are still many lace news. The strange thing is, these lace is not "little emperors", but his mother, "Queen Mother" geluoliya a little hellion.

May 2010, the geluoliya and the "little emperors" Rumors spread throughout the streets of the former team-mate delongte·weisite had an affair. It is said that two people after breaking up, geluoliya and a male model of college students be very close, and that guy even younger than James.

Speaking, the "Queen Mother" can really toss, she drink attacked again in a few days ago a car park attendant, were arrested by the police. James responded: "because that is my mother, the event will become more sensitive; this is part of my life is essentially a private matter. "In fact, the" Dowager "in 2006, have been arrested for drink driving record.

Another suffer from terrible by family violence was Jelena dokic. The 15-year old broke into Wimbledon top 32 genius girl, like a shooting star is fleeting.

Her notorious father was assaulted because of lunch prices during the US Open tennis staff, also broke a female journalist in the Wimbledon match cameras.

In addition, Pierce tennis stars have been father in public abuse, beatings, Rahman Rezaei's father threatened her daughter opponent's parents, Maria Sharapova's father is often create trouble, interfering with rival competitions.

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