Massey: Barcelona can be improved

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Massey: Barcelona can be improved

Beitrag  xyykimmy am Sa Okt 08, 2011 11:29 am

Just finished 12th in career "hat trick" Massey 26th that the current Barca also has room for progress.

"We still have some deficiencies in the game, such as on the formation of adaptation, but this effect is not large," said in an interview Massey. Because the rear wounded soldiers on the line full camp, coach Guardiola had to 3-4-3 formation in recent matches, Massey said the players have not fully adjust to the new formation, "it takes time to train, we are not yet fully integrated into one".

The new campaign in the first 5 games, Barcelona has hacked into a tongue 22 goals at first glance, and Massey also extended his amazing scoring momentum, with 8 goals exclusive Primera Liga striker list of header names.

Currently Messi have scored 192 goals for Barcelona, distance 50 Barcelona legend striker of the last century lasiluo·Kubala 194 goals only two balls in the gaps. However has always been low-key acting Massey is be calm about it, he said: "for now, I just want to well every game, but can be a player with the most number of goals or make me feel very happy. ”

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