Madame Ko’s dormitory

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Madame Ko’s dormitory

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Traditionally, all Butler males enrolled in Madame Ko’s Personal Protection Academy on their tenth birthday, spending six months of every year learning the bodyguard’s craft, and the other six guarding a low-risk principal. The female Butlers generally went into the service of various wealthy families around the world.Jericho dvd However, Juliet decided she would combine both roles, spending half the year with Angeline Fowl, and the other half honing her martial arts skills in Madame Ko’s camp. She was the first Butler female to enrol in the Academy, and only the fifth female ever to make it past the physical exam. The camp was never located in the same country for more than five years. Butler had done his training in Switzerland and Israel, but his younger sister received her instruction in the Utsukushigahara Highlands in Japan.

Madame Ko’s dormitory was a far cry from the luxurious accommodation in Fowl Manor. In Japan, Juliet slept on a straw mat, owned nothing apart from two rough cotton robes,Star Trek The Motion Pictures dvd and consumed only rice, fish and protein shakes.

The day began at five thirty when Juliet and the other acolytes ran four miles to the nearest stream, catching fish with their bare hands. Having cooked and presented the fish to their sensei, the acolytes strapped empty twenty-gallon barrels to their backs and climbed to the snowline. When their barrel was filled with snow the acolyte would roll it back to base camp, and then pound the snow with bare feet until it melted and could be used by the sensei to bathe. Then the day’s training could begin.

Lessons included Cos Ta’pa, a martial art developed by Madame Ko herself, specially tailored for bodyguards,Spartacus: Blood and Sand dvd whose primary aim was not self-defence, but defence of the principal. Acolytes also studied advanced weaponry, information technology, vehicular maintenance and hostage-negotiation techniques.


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