The final step in her training

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The final step in her training

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By her eighteenth birthday, Juliet could break down and reassemble ninety per cent of the world’s production weapons blindfolded, operate any vehicle, do her makeup in under four minutes and, in spite of her stunning Asian and European gene mix,Spartacus: Blood and Sand dvd blend into any crowd like a native. Her big brother was very proud.

The final step in her training was a field simulation in a foreign environment. If she passed this test, Madame Ko would have Juliet’s shoulder marked with a blue diamond tattoo. The tattoo, identical to the one on Butler’s shoulder,Star Trek The Motion Pictures dvd symbolized not only the graduate’s toughness, but also the multifaceted nature of his or her training. In personal protection circles, a bodyguard bearing the blue diamond needed no further reference.

Madame Ko had chosen the city of Sfax in Tunisia for Juliet’s final assessment. Her mission was to guide the principal through the city’s tumultuous market or medina. Generally, a bodyguard would advise his principal against venturing into such a densely populated area, but Madame Ko pointed out that principals rarely listened to advice, and it was best to be prepared for Jericho dvd every eventuality. And, as if Juliet wasn’t under enough pressure, Madame Ko herself decided to act as surrogate principal.


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