Euro qualifier 1

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Euro qualifier 1

Beitrag  xyykimmy am Do Okt 13, 2011 10:17 am

BiH key battle of the adventure of the second half, France aftermath directly advance to Euro 2012 finals. After the match, France team coach Branco said, at the intermission of "mobilizing" is the France team eventually catch up with flat key reasons.

Branco said: "in the first half, we didn't play the real game. Intermission when we the players asked, ask where do they wish. Are additional game? They remain in the first half of the State on the line. We have them at ease, better handling of the ball. In the first half and we made many mistakes, but the same lineup in the second half was played a lot better. I was happy for the players reaction, if it is not the goal of the second half, we may discuss the issue of additional matches. ”

Amoy domestics


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