iPad Stylus - One that is pointy?

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iPad Stylus - One that is pointy?

Beitrag  caseiad am Do Jul 19, 2012 6:49 pm

The Pogo Stylus and other cheap iPad 3 Styluses are great for drawing and such, but for serio taking of notes, they just won't do. It would be like doing your history notes with a piece of chalk. Is there any styli that work on capacitive screens that are more pencil/pen like in that they're pointy at the end, and therefore more precise? Someone said you can wrap tinfoil around the end of a pencil and it'll work, so I imagine it's possible, jt where; On another note, with Wacom tablets the pressure sensitivity is in the pen, not the tablet, no? Couldn't we have a third party accessory and app that has a pressure sensitive pen that transmits over Bluetooth to the app? This would be like getting an amazing drawing tablet too.


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