Acer ONE Netbook keyboard.. ANY WAY POSSIBLE

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Acer ONE Netbook keyboard.. ANY WAY POSSIBLE

Beitrag  xiang2011 am So Apr 07, 2013 5:27 am

Ok so Ive been searching everywhere and can not find anything. I have an Acer Aspire 3810 . the small, 10.1" monitor, light blue ones. I am having a hard time finding parts for it in general. like Acer Keyboard Cover.. they make them for every other model aspire one, but for some reason it seems like the d270 has a very limited surplus. the biggest problem with this computer is that I can not see the keys at night or in the dark.

I want a backlit keyboard. No, I do not want an external LED shining onto the keys. I want it to look professional and be from between the keys. Now I understand that the letters are not translucent, so I will not be able to see the light in the letters themselves, but just having light between the keys will be fine. If anyone knows of one of these that I can purchase, PLEASE let me know. Ive been searching for days. If not, I have no problem getting an extra keyboard and modding it and making my own. I graduated from an electrics class in my school.. even though its for motorcycle electrics, I know the basics, and have played around with things like this before. I want to either use LEDS, or a electroluminiscent light string, or whatever you guys think would be best. something that i can use from my internal power source.

I have 3 USB ports, so I could use one of my USBs as a power source, or maybe use the power source from my power light (which is LED i believe), or one of the 3 small lights down by my touchpad (battery light, bluetooth light, etc.) I have seen how-to's, but everyone uses batteries for a power source.. and circuit boards, etc. but i dont see why i couldnt just splice into my power light. that way it comes on anytime the computer is on. thats fine with me. i always keep it plugged in, so i dont care about the battery dieing faster or anything. the thing is, this computer is VERY small.

so whatever i do has to be able to fit inside of this thing. is there any way i can just get LEDs or some other sort of light that I can just glue into the inside, under the Acer ONE Netbook 250 (White) Keyboard , and run the wires straight to the power light or USB or whatever, and thats it?? i mean its fine if i have to add a transistor, diode, resistor, or anything of that sort IF I HAVE TO. i want to make this as simple as possible. any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!!


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