The structure of golf course

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The structure of golf course

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1:teeing ground :Strictly speaking, it refers to the depth of two club lengths behind.

2:"Water hazard", including the sea, lakes, ponds, rivers, ditches, land surface drains, drains exposed (whether there has water or not ), and other similar hazard .

3:rough,(golf)barrier regions
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4:out of bounds : the region that is outside the competation area .

5:sand bunker :the place that means removal of turf and soil, replaced by tilting sand or sand , have been well prepared . concave-shaped obstacle .

7:faiway: the place that between the seat and lawn where the grass was stright sniped.Callaway Diablo Octane Tour Driver

8:putting green:In English In addition to the meaning of the green, there are also the meanning " the area pushing with his putter " On the golf course, green means the hole region where the grass is smooth .that is better for puting.

9: flagstick: Flagstick is a moveable straict bench mark . Flag can be hung above a small flag or other symbols, you can also hang nothing.Callaway Diablo EDGE Driver
10:hole :the diameter of the hole must be (108 mm), depth must at least four inches (100 PCT) above


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