Foreign media suggest Woods - replace coach and more race

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Foreign media suggest Woods - replace coach and more race

Beitrag  xyykimmy am Sa Aug 27, 2011 6:37 am

Aug 14, when people think that Woods has been getting out of the woods, his career appeared a new low.

Question to former coach Butch Harmon
Callaway FT-5 Neutral DriverTo speak fairly, Woods and the current coach Sean Foley deos not have much time training together, even though they have a year cooperation. However, Woods's swing is really not coherent, Sean Foley did not have a good influence to him.

Friday, Woods hit is very crooked, like a handicap players of 18. In the swing, his head moving, sometimes, his upper body will be tilted down and hunched. May we ask where the kind of his low and flat ball go?

Callaway FT-i Neutral Driver

The best way for Woods to get back the swing is back around Harmon, although Harmon now may not necessarily take him.

More race
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Although Woods needs points in order to get the FedEx Cup qualification, he is not ready to participate in the Wyndham Championship at Greensboro next week. He said the main reason is the family, it is estimated that he is going to share time with two children next week.

I will not criticize those athletes who put the family into first, I respect his decision, but he should play at least two race in the fall series race to increase the "repeat". In fact, he himself said that he lacks of such a "duplicate."


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