Clark becomes the leader of Northern Ireland

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Clark becomes the leader of Northern Ireland

Beitrag  xyykimmy am Mo Aug 29, 2011 4:53 am

July 15, once was a signs player in Northern Ireland, Darren Clarke have been

forgotten for years. First, McDowell won the U.S. Open, followed by another

fellow Mcllroy win the same major after 12 months. But this Thursday, it is

the turn of Darren Clarke flashing light.
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Recently training at the Royal Portrush Golf Club brought the 42-year-old

veteran considerable encouragement. Thursday, he shot 68 at Royal St. George,

under par 2, currently fell behind two and tied for the lead 3. "When I went

back links course I feel really enjoyed." Darren Clark said, "This is the

world's largest game and it is also the best game - why I do not enjoy it?

This is A unique Grand Slam to play in this place where golf began."Taylormade burner tour TP driver
Of course, luck also came to Darren Clark. When McIlroy in the struggle of

strong winds and showers and finally shot over par 1 in the morning, Darren

Clark encountered a calm afternoon, his birdied in the 10th hole and the 14th

hole and then play Patrick along the road to complete the final race

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Patience, for Darren Clarke who is of the very character, he admitted it was

not his expertise but his warnings. Obviously, it is very good to exchange

with his sports psychologist Bob Rotella Wednesday. "I will not tell you what

he said - I paid him a lot of money." Darren Clark said, "We just talked about

this thing and he knows me very thorough and we have known each other quite a

long time and I really very lucky."


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